Understanding 'Money Won' and 'ROI'

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When creating a Bet Labs system you are able to quickly view the 'Money Won' and 'Return on Investment (ROI)' just below the title of the system. 


The 'Money Won' indicates the money you would have won if you risked $100 on every match for this system. 

In the example above, the system has won $20,214 based on $100 units. This equates to 202.14 units. If you bet more or less than $100, you can always figure out how many units the system has won and adjust accordingly.

'ROI' is determined by this simple formula:  money won / money risked. In the example above, we would take 20,214 / (1,365+1,114+116)*100 or 20,214 / 247,900 = 0.07789 or 7.8%. 

When editing systems, you'll be able to see how the 'Money Won' and 'ROI' are impacted whenever you make a change to the filters.

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