How to Make 'Fade' Systems

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When building a Bet Labs system, many bettors look to fade a team in a specific scenario. The 'Fade System' feature will allow you to do this quickly without having to remake the entire system.

To use this feature, first select the filters of your choice. After selecting the filters you would like to fade you can then check off the 'Fade System' option in the top right corner of the system builder. It is generally best to select all filters before enabling this feature, rather than checking off the 'Fade System' box and then selecting filters, as the latter may cause confusion.


One basic example of how to use this feature would be to fade elite MLB teams at the end of the year. This can be created by selecting three simple filters and then the 'Fade System' option. 


Since this system is fading the 'Team Win %' filter, you can alternatively create this system by using the 'Opponent Team Win%' filter, which you can find in the Team Info section.


However, the fade system feature can also be used to create systems that would otherwise not be available. For example, the system below is designed to fade over performing NFL teams in the last three weeks of the season. The 'Pythagorean +/-' shows how much different a team's win percentage is compared to its Pythagorean win percentage, which is based on their run/point differential.


By using the 'Pythagorean +/-' filter along with the 'Fade System' feature, you can essentially create an 'Opponent Pythagorean +/-' filter, which is not listed on its own. 

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