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Mark Gallant
Mark Gallant
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A high percentage of Bet Labs systems you create or follow will include filters under the 'Team Info' section, which is the top section listed on the left side of your system builder page. 

This is because ideas for systems often revolve around whether a team is a favorite or underdog or they're at home or away. Occasionally, you'll find yourself using both of those filters in tandem.


If you're building a system or doing research on a specific team, you can select them under 'Team' or 'Opposing Team'. 

You can also find several filters related to winning percentages and against the spread (ATS) winning percentages. 

Two useful filters that many people do not know about are 'Pythagorean Win %' and 'Pythagorean +/-'. A team's Pythagorean winning percentage is based on their point/run differential, and their Pythagorean +/- is the difference between their actual winning percentage and Pythagorean winning percentage. This can help find over or underperforming teams that may be mispriced in the market. 

The example below shows NFL teams at the end of the season whose winning percentage is at least 10% lower than what their Pythagorean winning percentage suggests they should be.


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