Mistakes to Avoid When Creating Bet Labs Systems - Inconsistent Results

Mark Gallant
Mark Gallant

Just because you created a profitable Bet Labs system does not mean you should automatically start betting on it. One important step before you start putting your money down on system matches, make sure that your system has consistently won over the years.

As you build more and more systems, you'll find that some have been profitable overall, but not every year. These inconsistent systems are risky to bet on and should be avoided in favor of steady, reliable systems.

The easiest way to tell if you have a consistent or inconsistent system is to look at the graph.


In the example above, the system has won over 25 units, but has a graph that looks like an EKG. Would you trust a system like this to bet on? No, because history has showed us that this particular system is almost as likely to have a losing season as it does a winning season. If you click on the 'Season' filter under 'Time Period', you can count how many seasons your system has won and lost money. 

What you want to see when you check your graph is something like the graph pictured below.


The graph gradually goes from the bottom left corner towards the top right with small steps up each season. This particular system has only had one losing season since 2005. Systems with fewer losing seasons, especially in recent history, can be more trusted for future success. 

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