What are the Best Bets?

Jason Awad
Jason Awad
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Best Bets are the official plays given to SI UNLIMITED members and have been a staple of Sports Insights memberships for over a decade. We recommend that our members bet on each of these plays rather than pick and choose which ones they like. Each pick is weighted equally and we suggest you bet the same amount of money on each one.

You can view the Best Bet records and pick history here.

There are multiple places you can view the Best Bets on your odds page if you're an SI UNLIMITED member. 


To open the full Best Bets page, complete with bet history and pick filters, click on the 'Picks' tab at the top of the page. To see if there are any open Best Bets on games that have not been played yet, hover your mouse over the checkmark symbol on the left side of your odds page. 



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