What is a reverse line move?

Jason Awad
Jason Awad
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Reverse line moves are one of our three bet signals along with steam moves and contrarian plays. They are alert-based features that are triggered automatically when the betting line (spread, moneyline, or over/under) moves in the opposite direction of the betting percentages. There are multiple places to see bet signals on your live odds page, which are pointed out in the picture below.


In the example below, you'd expect the Chiefs to move from -5.5 to -6 because they are getting 78% of bets. However, the line has actually moved towards Denver, which is a textbook example of reverse line movement. 


The Broncos also have several bet signals triggered in their favor, including multiple reverse line moves. Bet signals for each game can be found within the game's blue info icon (boxed off in top picture). 


Betting line movement can happen for many reasons; injuries, weather, etc., but line movement that shifts against the betting percentages is an excellent indicator of sharp money.

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